Dried Fruits

Mafnood’s dried fruits are delicious and healthy bite-sized treats for all seasons, a good source of fiber, iron, potassium and antioxidants. Perfect as snacks or as an additional ingredient to your favorite recipe.

Figs have a unique, sweet taste, soft and chewy and filled with slightly crunchy, edible seeds. Fresh figs are delicate and perishable, so are often dried to preserve. This produces a sweet and nutritious dried fruit that can be enjoyed all year round.

Fig Plain

Fig Filled with Pistachios (Roasted Pistachios)

Fig Filled with Walnuts (Roasted Walnuts)

One of Mother Nature’s most concentrated sources of Vitamin A, dried apricots are a treat in taste. Rich, sweet and tart in flavor, apricots are used to add to plate appeal and can also be made into sauces or confections. Apricots are naturally fat and cholesterol-free and are a good source of dietary fiber and potassium.

Apricot Plain

Apricot Filled with Pistachios (Roasted Pistachios)

Apricot filled with Almonds (Roasted Almonds)

These specialty food products have a delightful flavor that is simply mouthwatering, perfect as snacks, as well as ingredients for gourmet cooking, adding a colorful, flavor-filled accent.

Dried Ginger Cubes

Crystallized gingers are chewy and moist with a spicy-sweet flavor. A delicious spicy snack or an additional ingredient to your favorite recipe.

Dried Pineapple Cubes

Dried Pineapple Cubes are a true tropical delight with a sweet flavor that you can enjoy all year round. Delicious and refreshing, perfect as a snack or as an additional ingredient to your favorite recipe.

Brown Raisins

Brown raisins are succulent, dried, seeded grapes with a rich, dark brown color and sweet flavor.

Large Raisins

Large raisins are a delicious dried grape variety. Perfectly sweet, these raisins are a delightful addition to nuts, granola, oatmeal, cookies and pastry recipes.