Date fruits are oval to cylindrical in shape and about 3 to 7 cm long. Unripe fruits are bright yellow or red in color. They are sweet, caramel-like in taste, have a rich deep flavor and a slightly chewy texture. Dates are a powerhouse of nutrition that can increase energy levels. All varieties of dates are the same in nutritious value, with slight variations in taste, texture and size.

Khidri dates are large dates with dark, maroon-red skin, soft and chewy in texture. It is considered to be the healthier choice as its sugar content, containing less sucrose than the other dates.

Khidri Plain

Khidri with Almond

Khidri with Caramelised Almond

Khidri with Caramelised Pecan

Khidri with Lemon Peel

Khidri with Orange Peel

Segai dates have a sweet yellow color with a mild sweet taste. They are chewy and well known for their texture and two-toned color. It is golden at the base with a slight dryness, while the rest is brown soft and mildly sweet.

Segai Plain

Segai with Orange Peel (Candied Lemon Peel)

Segai with Almond (Roasted Almond)

Segai with Caramelised Pecan (Caramelised Pecan)

Kholas dates are golden brown and characterized by delicate loose skin. Sweet and caramel-like in taste, they are perfect with Arabic coffee!

Kholas Plain

Kholas with Orange Peel (Candied Orange Peel)

Kholas with Almond (Roasted Almond)

Kholas with Caramelised Pecan (Caramelised Pecan)

Sokari dates are known as Royal Dates. They are cone-shaped with prominent creased, yellow brown skin, firm and mildly sweet flesh.


Sokari with Orange Peel (Candied Orange Peel)

Sokari with Almond (Caramelised Almond)

Sokari with Caramelised Pecan (Caramelised Pecan)

Ajwa dates are known as “Holy Dates”. They come from the blessed land of Madinah Monawara. They are delightfully soft, black in color with very fine white lines.

Medjool dates are large, plump dates with soft and succulent flesh. Once crowned the “Fruit of Kings”, Medjool dates are bursting with a deep and delicious caramel flavour.

Fardh dates are grown in the heart of Al Ain. It has deep dark brown, tender skin, sweet flavour and small seed. Fardh dates keep particularly well when well packed.